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Shaolin & Wing Chun Kung Fu

CMAUK Founder with Master in USA 2011

First made popular thanks to the Late Great Bruce Lee , and surrounded by myths and folk law Wing Chun is now one of the worlds most famous Kung Fu systems. Like most Chinese martial arts Wing Chun has roots in the Shaolin Temple. According to legend once stood a Southern Shaolin Temple and a Northern Shaolin Temple. The famous Shaolin Monks seen in shows are from the Northern Temple, Chen style Tai Chi developed near the Northern Shaolin Temple and Wing Chun although has some connection to the North, It is considered to be developed by the Southern Shaolin.

The most popular story of Wing Chun is that the style was first developed my a Nun and then taught to a lady called Wing Chun. Other popular stories are that Wing Chun was a village or a part of a Temple training Hall,some historians and teachers claim slightly different stories such as there being a Praise Spring school and Sing Spring school ( not only different translations but different styles) or Snake / Crane based Wing Chun schools, which can be found opposite sides of the Rivers in the Town considered the place of origin like Gu Lao Village Guangdong province, South East China. One thing everyone agrees on is that Wing Chun is a Southern Shaolin related Martial Art and effective self defense system. 

Wing Chun Kung Fu Lineage 

GM Ip Chun Chi Sau (Sticky Hands) with Master Kwok and Sifu Friskney.

CMAUK With HKB and Master Benny Meng in Los Angles 2013

Most Modern Wing Chun comes from migration to the Hong Kong Islands a , During the 1970's the Hong Kong movie industry uncovered Wing Chun Kung Fu , In the Form of Bruce Lee, And his Sifu , Yip Man , who students of Wing Chun regard as the Grand Master of Wing Chun . Ip Man had many students that went on to become great teachers of Wing Chun , Including his son Ip Chun, Ip Chun who is a recognized Grand master has many thousands of students Internationally, and so do those students.

Wing Chun masters that are well known in the UK are often students of The Ip Man Linage, his students and other Lineages not from Hong Kong that pre or post date Ip Man era have come to light in more recent years. Many martial arts adopt Wing Chun into there Martial Arts and most Martial Arts claim some history to the Shaolin Family and or the Tai Chi and Taoist family of martial arts, with a style suitable for all ages. 

Students Jon and Steve training in Bournemouth 

Our Wing Chun linage started With our Senior Instructor , David Friskney of Southampton who is a recognized 4th degree in Ip Chun / Samuel Kwok and founder of F.A.S.T Wing Chun. Dave also a Black Belt in Karate has trained many organizations including the New York Narcotic squad in the use of the stick and Wing Chun. He also run the " Fighting Fit" campaign on Virgin Media and built the foundation of F.A.S.T via his experience with Masters and martial arts over some 35 years .

Class assistant Dave teaching Self Defense at the local Gracie Barra Gym 

Our teaching qualifications include Tai Ji Quan, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shaolin Gong Fu Pentjak Silat Kune Tao Self Defence and Grappling

CMAUK Master Greg Holloway Wing Chun Brixton London Wing Chun Black Belt Hall of Fame 2012

We are directly linked to clubs that teach Martial Arts under various masters and are open to anyone with an interest. Please contact us via our Email page. 

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