Students & Instructors Group Photos Students & Instructors Group Photos Kung Fu London Master Greg Holloway 197230611 Master Liu and Instructors China 2005 Master Liu and instructors in China 2005 22355369 Master Liu teaching Brendan in China 2005 22404779 Grand Master Chen and Master Liu Yong '90's 22405354 Master Liu with Mayor of Radcliffe 2004 Master Liu meets the Mayor to discuss tai chi health 22738685 Master Liu and Man Lian Bournemouth 2005 Freinds and students of Man Lian Bournemouth with dining with Master Liu 22741980 Wing Chun Taunton Master Brendan Kung Fu Devon and Somerset 175900441 Master Liu and Brendan in China 2005 22751839 Brendan & Master Liu Bournemouth 2005 Brendan recieves a certificate of thanks and instruction from Master Liu in Bouirnemouth 2005 22355783 Man Lian China Bournemouth Turkey 2007 Master Liu and Sifu Ahment from Man Lian Club Istanbul dine with Students and instructors in Bournemouth 2007 22737906 Man Lian Bournemouth 2005 John , Brendan and Marc with Master Liu on his first visit to Bournemouth.2005 22273149 Kung Fu MMA Taunton Sifu Brendan Students from Newton Abbot Devon 175900447 Man Lian South of England 2008 Ali ( Brighton ) Brendan ( Bournemouth ) Marc ( Poole ) at the annual meeting 22763086 Man Lian Manchester - China 2008 Master Liu and British chen style Tai Chi College Manchester at the Chen Village 2008 22763088 Man Lian Bournemouth Exhibiton 2005 Martial Artists and Man Lian Tai Chi after an Exhibition in Bournemouth 2005 22354690 Man Lian Club Lianyungang China 2005 22755189 Brendan & Liu Yong - Bournemouth 2007 Brendan and Liu Yong at an exhibition in Bournemouth Uni 2007 22273614 Grand Master Chen , Master Liu 2008 Master Liu and Man Lian Club dine with Grand master Chen 22737600 Man Lian Bournemouth 2006 Master Liu excepting a thank you certificate from students after an exhibition held in Bournemouth 2006. 22273151 Kung Fu Bridgwater Master Lin 197230610 Man Lian Poole 2008 Master Liu , Marc and Brendan visit Canford gardens 22763083 Kung Fu Devon a 197230503 Man Lian Bournemouth seminar 2005 22766676 Kung Fu International Sifu Adrian - Taunton Sifu Paul - Singapore 197230504 Marc Master Liu and Brendan 2008 Out for a walk in upton poole 22764990 Man Lian Manchester in China 2007 22404776 Southampton Tai Chi Brendan with Li Xuelong and Marc Ditchers at Xuelongs school in Southampton 2006 23503429 Man Lian Hong King 2006 Master Liu with students in Hong Kong 2006 22355371 Master Liu, Brendan, Ali in Brighton 06 with Bernie and other Tai Chi students 23503432 Man Lian Lianyungang China 2006 Brendan and Master Liu's students in China 2006 22352734 Somerset Sifus Sam Foster Sifu North Petherton Ash Smalldon - Sifu Taunton 197230509 British Chen style college 2003 23503433 Master Liu and Brendan China 2006 23503434 Man Lian Linyungang China 2006 Master Liu and Students in his hometown club of Lianyungang. 22273148 Master Liu and students Lianyungang 2006 Master Liu out to dinner with students 23503435 Master Liu , Brendan and Friends China 06 After a meal with Master Liu and friends 23503436 Man Lian Bournemouth 2006 Master Liu, Brendan, Richard and Hagen after Tai Chi at the beach 2006 22352733 Wing Chun Grading USA Sifu Brendan with Master Benny Meng and Students California 2013 197244161 Wing Chun Bournemouth Master Dave Friskeny Black belt grading 2003 197244146 Man Lian Bournemouth 2006 Master Liu and students in Bournemouth 2006 22358591 Man Lian China 2008 22736187 Grand Master Chen ManLian Manchester 06 22357191 Man Lian Tai Chi China 2007 Man Lian students at an exhibirion in China 2006. 22354694 204383715 Grand Master Chen Manlian Manchester 07 22357187 Man Lian Poole 2007 Master and Students in Parkstone Poole 2007 22354693 Tai Chi Master Jesse Tao Master Jesse - USA Sifu Brendan - Bridgwater Taunton and Wellington Tai Chi Sifu Doug - Bournemouth and Poole Sifu Bob - Watchet Minehead and Taunton Tai Chi 197230638 Master Liu and Man Lian B/mouth - Poole 08 22766681 Master Liu and Man Lian South England 08 22766680 Man Lian Sri Lanka and Brighton 2008 Indishia who teaches in Sri Lanka and Ali Warmsley from Brighton who teaches there and in China at a seminar meeting in Sri Lanka 2008 22358585 Tai Chi Bournemouth and Poole 175900638 Tai Chi Bournemouth 2006 175900639 Tai Chi Bournemouth 175900640 Man Lian at the Seni London 2007 Brendan Burnett and Douge Boyler in a group photo with Master Chen at a Chen Tai Chi workshop at the Seni show in London 22352731 Man Lian Tai Chi Club UK 175900641 Man Lian Poole Expo 2008 22766679 Grand Master Chen and Master Liu 2008 Grand Master Chen and Master Liu Yong recieve flowers after a Tai Ji meeting in China 2008 22358587 Man Lian Lianyungang China 2009 Man Lian Club Lianyungang China 2009 22358586 204352060 204352061 204352064 204352063 204352065 204352069 204352070