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Master Liu Yong and his students have been featured in Tai Chi, Chinese medicine  and martial art magazines for many years, news papers and even T.V Documentaries. Master Liu has been mentioned in over 100 news paper articles in China as well as extensively interviewed by the T.V and Radio stations . Man Lian U.K , Sue Johnson has also had many interviews about Tai Chi on the T.V , Radio and in various news papers and Magazines.

Man Lian international have over 3000 students across China and many thousand more including clubs in mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Sri Lanka and here in the North and South of England . Man Lian Tai Chi Clubs global success is down to its direct linage to the Chen Village style of Tai Chi and Master Liu Yong's extensive knowledge of Chinese Culture, Medicine, Tai Ji and Martial Arts. 

MLTCC have many life & competition winners with a very successful health benefiting complete Tai Chi system many hundreds of students world wide including America have benefited from the traditional teachings . Man Lian has won many competitions in push push hands, forms and weapons, In China and the U.K.

We have been featured so many times, by health groups and Tai Chi interest the we could not possibly upload it all, so we have just added a view media articles from Man Lian Tai Chi Club Bournemouth.


Sifu Featured on a national martial arts magazine page 2006.

 Master Liu , Featured in The Bournemouth Echo 2006 one his his annual visits. 


Brendan Featured on a web- ad at an international martial arts show 2008.

2010 - Man Lian Tai Chi South England Team up with United Dojos.

May - Man Lian Tai Chi Club Taunton win 3rd in forms and 3rd in weapons at the London Wu Shu Open held at the SENI Combat Show 2010.

July - United Dojos Akido and Chen Tai Chi Join in With Glastonbury Martial Arts Clubs to help host , The Glastonbury Martial Arts farye 

MLTCC North of England has an incredible reputation for benefiting the health of many hundreds of people though age concern and many community projects.

MLTCC South of England has achieved great results with classes for health centers, youth clubs and various charity's. We are a club that is very privileged in our linage trained directly under modern Experts.


2000 Joined British Silat Organisation

2002 First Wing Chun / Kung Fu Black Belt achieved, Joined Armature Martial Arts Association

2003 First Self Defense Instructor certificate achieved, Joined British National Martial Arts Association

2004 First Shaolin Gong Fu Instructor certificate achieved, First gained permission to instruct Yang Style Tai Chi, Joined the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

2005 First trip to China and First instructor certificate achieved in Chen Style Tai Chi from Master Liu, Trained in Non Harmful restraints with the NFPS

2006 - 2009 Many students enter comps, go traveling training etc, club continues to grow across Bournemouth and Poole becoming featured in many news paper articles and attaining various events and seminars

May 29th - Man Lian members trip to the SENI Combat Show Results - 3rd tai chi weapons , 3rd tai chi forms  - london wushu open (seni 2010) Took part in Glastonbury Martial Arts Fayre and become members of the Tai Ji Together Movement

August Grading and Seminar with Karate Club a Success.

2011 - CMAUK Joins Shaoiln HKB USA

After further study and development of our Wing Chun syllabus moving away from the f.a.s.t system and combining it with out other arts our club has now been re marketed as C.M.A.UK  to include some of all the systems we teach to our students on their journey to Black Belt. Early 2011 seen us travel to the U.S to apply for membership to the Shaolin HKB (Hek Ki Boen) which we was accepted and our now the only official candidates to inherit the HKB system in the U.K.

We also got a 4 page interview in MAI Magazine!

2012 seen us doing lots of training , workshops and seminars on the hkb system as well as our trademark chen tai ji system and free style. 5 students have made it to the ranks of apprentice instructors (CMAUK) and our club has opened its doors in 3 counties of England

1st Generation CMAUK students attain Purple Sash (Congratulations)

2013 - Our school continues to develop and inspire, with students traveling far and wide, joining the services or traveling to South China Islands and mainland practicing Wing Chun, North China practicing Tai Chi or Shaolin and even America operating. We also joined The Cobra Martial Arts Association, trained grappling with SWBBA Ilminster, GB Street and IMAS Slough and Wing Chun Seminars With London Wing Chun. 

We also Promoted for the Shaolin Warrior Show in Tour April - Bournemouth & Poole and gained Instructor certificated HKB Martial Arts at the Summer camp in Los Angles USA 

June - Promoting for the Shaolin Warrior Show in Tour- Yeovil.

July - Brown Sash Grading  - D.Boyer. S.Foster. A.Ward - Congratulations!

2015 - Doug Boyler achieved Black Belt. CMAUK training with Grand Master Jesse Tsao. Master Suzan Johnson Seminar March 2015 a Success

2016 - Adrian Ward achieved Black Belt - Congratulations


Classes in Tai Chi, Tai Chi New Frame and Push Hands running Successfully

Classes in Wing Chun and Shaolin Kung Fu also a great success 


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