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Tai Chi Forms

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Tai chi an ancient art of relaxation, healing and self defence, gentle and fluid motions suitable for everyone regardless of age or athletic ability. Tai Chi is widely practiced for tension reduction, energy enhancement, preventing illness, improving concentration, strengthening the mind and body and slowing the effects of aging.

A natural solution to stress recognized by many medical experts as a practical alternative to expensive therapies to control chronic discomfort is fastest growing exercise in the World.


MLTCC Students Demonstrating in China 2007

Tai Chi developed in the Chen village some 400 years ago based on the theories of Yin Yang, Chinese Medicine, Chi, and Martial Knowledge. The word  Tai can literally mean like mountain top, and the word chi is often used to describe energy. Tai Ji in Mandarin, it has been proved to have a positive effect on health, opening and stretching joints, improving balance co-ordination, posture, circulation, flexibility and calmness.



Master Liu and Head Coaches in China 2004

Tai Chi also helps metabolic and cardiovascular system, improves ligament and tendon strength as well as muscle and skin tone, proven to relieve mental, physical and emotional stress and everyday aches. Tai chi is famous for being a martial art and medical moving meditation, a series of movements for both health and combat, gentle movements, slow meditation, correct breathing. 

Tai Chi practice develops memory and coordination, builds self awareness and confidence.

Tai Chi Push Hands & Martial Arts


Push hands greatly improves balance and movement. Tai Chi students to learn linking breathing and body movements together with weight and posture to created a well balanced structure that is both unmovable and solid yet soft, versatile, and fluid. Push hands teaches the students how to link these movements and blend them with the environment for self defence.

Tai Chi students learn the core skills in a peaceful , slow meditative way, first learning how to use momentum and pressure , then over come strength with weakness, yielding to force , yet warding off less stable opponents. Push hands, has many relaxing routines, where the emphasis is not on martial art , but more of a gentle flowing, involving circle movements and steps often practiced to meditative music. Tai Chi has many exercises and even weapons forms.

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